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Feel Better With a Therapeutic Massage

Melt the Stress Away With a Soothing Massage

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or just want a day of pampering, Awesome Massage provides professional massage services that will suit all of your needs. Treat yourself today!

Special Discounts on All Massage Packages

Relaxation Massage - An ultimate stress buster, light pressure increasing to medium, relieving the tense muscles, minor aches, and pains, leaving clients with an enhanced sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage - Focus work, with pressures gradually increasing to a deeper level to work out the knots, increased range or motion and relieve the pain that keeps you from moving forward.
Medical Massage - A combination of pressures that includes conditions like sciatica, frozen shoulder or headaches, lower back pain, specific condition.

All above:
  • $30 for 30 mins 
  • $50 for 60 mins 
  • $65 for 75 mins
  • $80 for 90 mins

Hot Rock Massage - A combination of massage and hot rocks to provide heat to the muscles. 
  • $60 for 60 mins 

We offer a combination of massage packages based on your needs.

Experienced Masseuse at Your Service

You’ll receive the personalized services you deserve from a professional masseuse with over 9 years of experience. We have extra training in medical massage ( Lumbar Cervical and Pelvic - Thoracic Massage Shoulders and Back ). Call us today to schedule your appointment.
Great Discounts 

Pamela Today: 
Monthly clients will receive an additional discounted rate. Call our locally owned and operated business today!
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